Be a dragon. Build your hoard.

Battle pirates or fight alongside them!

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Pirate Dragons is a third-person, action-adventure RPG where you play a dragon in a world filled with sailing ships, islands, trade routes, pirates, and much more!

Play a Dragon!

  • In a world of sailing ships and pirates, you are a dragon!

  • Battle against ships, dragons, wyverns and more in fast paced action combat.

  • Join a faction, become a pirate, plunder ships, or start your own trading company.

Explore a World!

  • An ocean filled with islands, towns, pirates, dragons, and secrets ready to be discovered!

  • Deliver goods and important messages between the towns.

  • Earn a reputation (good or bad!) with each faction.

Build a Fleet!

  • Buy warships, merchant ships, and scout ships.

  • Upgrade your ships' crew, cannons, and sails.

  • Will your fleet be defenders, merchants, or pirates?