All Pirate Dragon assets can also be found here: Pirate Dragons Press Kit

Pirate Dragons is a third-person, action-adventure RPG where you play a dragon in a world filled with sailing ships, islands, trade routes, pirates, and much more.

Grow your dragon's power, learn new breath weapons, build your own sailing fleet, battle against other dragons, wyverns, and sailing ships, and make your mark!


  • Play a dragon!

  • Third-person, high flying, action combat.

  • Explore an open world of islands, sailing ships, and piracy.

  • Level up to learn new breath weapons and other skills.

  • Build a fleet of ships to help you trade goods and battle against other factions.

  • Upgrade your ships with better crews, sails, cannons, and hulls.

  • Join a faction, become a merchant, or engage in piracy!

  • An economy that changes based on your actions.

  • Quests and missions.

  • Grow your hoard to become the richest and most powerful dragon ever!

About SuperSixStudios

SuperSixStudios was founded in 2014 by game developer Jonathan Hanna. SuperSix's first game, HammerHelm - a third person town building RPG, released in early access in 2017 and fully launched in 2021. HammerHelm currently has a "very positive" rating on Steam. Pirate Dragons is the studio's second title.